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Mikrasia Restaurant Santorini

A familiar embrace.

Mikrasia Restaurant Santorini 9

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Inspired by the unique and cosmopolitan character of the Anatolian city of Smyrna and ancient Ionia, Mikrasia restaurant in Santorini masterfully blends the recipes and ingredients of a bygone era with the sophisticated and authentic essence of Santorini. A sense of nostalgia unravels in every plate, in the background music, the design, décor and warm atmosphere.


+30 22860 71401

The restaurant is located at Katikies Santorini hotel.

Opening times

Open daily from 19 to 22:30


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The Cuisine

The exceptional cuisine of Mikrasia restaurant captures the spirit of Santorini and culinary heritage of Asia Minor and Constantinople in each dish, in every bite and every sip, taking you on a sensory journey back in time. A journey to the past and the future with contemporary twists following the gastronomic culture of the modern era.

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The restaurant is located at Katikies Santorini hotel.
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