Mikrasia Santorini

Inspired by the unique and cosmopolitan character of the Anatolian city of Smyrna and ancient Ionia, Mikrasia restaurant in Santorini masterfully blends the recipes and ingredients of a bygone era with the sophisticated and authentic essence of Santorini. A sense of nostalgia unravels in every plate, in the background music, the design, décor and warm  atmosphere.

Back in the day, Smyrna was a cultural center attracting many nationalities who brought along their culinary heritage, unique recipes and spices during their travels adding a unique character to Smyrna’s legendary cuisine. Based on original recipes and cooking methods that have been passed from generation to generation, Mikrasia restaurant invites you on a journey to the coasts of the east Aegean sea, a mouthwatering journey with robust flavors and spices as well as modern twists that will sure excite your palates.

Santorini’s picturesque and dramatic landscape adds to the feeling of nostalgia turning each meal into a memory to treasure for life. Savor an explosion of flavors against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Santorini and get ready to cheer with a glass of bubbly champagne or fine quality wine.


Mikrasia Restaurant

The exceptional cuisine of Mikrasia restaurant captures the spirit of Santorini and culinary heritage of Asia Minor and Constantinople in each dish, in every bite and every sip, taking you on a sensory journey back in time. A journey to the past and the future with contemporary twists following the gastronomic culture of the modern era.


Mikrasia Restaurant

A refined fusion of Mediterranean gastronomy and original recipes from Asia Minor, all coming together to elevate your dining experience.


Mikrasia Restaurant

Our extensive wine and cocktail list has been carefully selected to compliment every dish in the menu throughout the entire duration of your meals. Pre-dinner cocktails, fine quality wine labels, spirits, ports, liquors and digestives will add that extra bit of magic to your culinary journeys.


Mikrasia Santorini

Mikrasia Santorini